The final weeks before your wedding are so exciting and yet you need to make time to look after yourself to ensure that you arrive at the big day feeling a million dollars.  Here is our suggested countdown for you to make those last weeks count!

Six weeks to go

Start making life changes to be in tip top shape!

Book a Tropic skin care party.

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise morning and night.

Get of the bus a stop earlier. Take the Stairs not the Lift!

Cut Tea and Coffee intake.

Cut out the smokes. Smoking AGES YOU!

Exfoliate your skin once and moisturise daily.


Five weeks to go

Get a pedometer and walk for 20 mins.

Have a night in with a face smooth masque and apply Elixir to your hair.

Have a manicure.

Arrange your Hairdresser and Make Up Artist.

Remember the rules from Week One!

Book all treatments for the final week.


Four weeks to go

Buy your underwear!

Book a make up trial with Tropic.

Purge your make up bag. Throw away old or never used makeup.

Buy a new toothbrush, floss and mouthwash.

Remember the rules from Week One!


Three weeks to go

Your new good habits are part of your new life!

Have a pedicure.

Mentally wind down. Everything will be getting hectic

Now. Take time out.  Give yourself a treat. Buy a magazine!

Write a list of things to do in the final week.


Two weeks to go

Go for a long walk with your friends and TALK!

Try on your bikini and get a wax.

If you can cope, have a Detox day.

Have a massage.

Add anything to your list from Week Four!


Final week

Almost there! Picture yourself on the Big Day!

Try On your Going Away Outfit.

Have a Pedicure and a Manicure.

Have your Hair and Make Up done.