Little Black, Cream, Blue Dress.  You WILL Fit!

Be Svelte – Try Shrinking! Shrinking Violet Body Wraps

This revolutionary treatment helps those looking to lose unwanted fat naturally in a completely effortless, painless procedure. All you have to do is relax! A pain- free and effortless fat-busting process that targets the stomach, bottom, thighs and other problematic areas. A proven slimming solution, the patented oil containing lactic and glycolic acid along with fruit oils and acids and the magic ingredient lysolecithin which incourages the removal of fatty acids by lipolysis.  Sounds sciencey, and it is!  Powered down to the dermal layer with ultrasound the wrap is simply placed around the problem areas, squeezed and left for the active ingredients to work. The treatment also includes a relaxing arm and leg massage.

The Reward: The results of a Shrinking Violet Body Wrap are impressive – effectively removing as much as two inches from the treated area, resulting and softer, smoother skin. This 45 minutes treatment is the perfect opportunity to unwind and prepare for the Little Black Dress event, Holiday, or New Fitness regime.

A 100% safe and scientifically-proven treatment,  that works to combat surface cellulite. Afterwards, you will feel slimmed, toned and moisturised. You don’t even have to shower the wrap off – just enjoy the nourishing concoction!

£35 for one treatment or Just £100 for 4 What are you waiting for!

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