Well!  I’m not confident to show the pictures yet but Wow!  With the 3rd treatment I felt that the current on the Microcurrent could go up but my face really felt like it had had a workout.  A sort of smiling gym!  The Microdermabrasion was part of this session again and you can really feel the skin is renewed with this part of the treatment.  You can have this on it’s own and during November it’s HALF PRICE at £17.50.

I know I am mentioning this every time but it really is astonishing with the Lips and how much better they feel, plumper and collagen full!  So next one is not until next week so I have been dispatched with some Tropic Skin Care to keep up the good work at home.  The Skincare Collection is £80 but there is £117 of products in it and you get a FREE Facial when you buy the Collection.  I’m giving mine as a gift!