What’s the Frequency ?  Galvanic, Faradic, Radio!

Why I LOVE the Dermaco system.
Offering 6 individual treatments and each one delivers results, but when put together in my Signaderma facial your skin reacts and gives results on a par with surgery, when taken as a course of treaments.

Thermotherapy Warms the tissues and relaxes muscles making the skin receptive to products and manual lymphatic drainage
Mircodermabrasion Deep Exfoliation from Diamond heads and vaccumn. This encourages new skin growth and thus refines pores and smoothes fine lines
Micro current or Faradic and Galvanic The Non Surgical Facelift. This works on your own muscles, not skin, re-educating them. Lengthened muscles will be shortened I.e. Jowls amd shortened muscles can be lengthened I.e. facial expression lines We all know the number elevens!
Ultrasound/RadioFrequency Propelling products deep into the skins tissue, like our marine collagen, it by passes the epidermis and straight to the dermal layer where collagen and elastin are formed. Collagen = Plumped Cell Renewal Elastin = Smoothness and Bounce
LED Light Therapy – Developed by NASA, yes really, by emiting coloured diaodes each colour has a different result on the skin. Green- Reduces redness, Red -Increases Collagen Producion and can heal scars quicker, Blue Has and Antibacterial effect and reduces acne at source. Yellow increases lymphatic drainage.
Cry therapy – At temperatures as low as freezing all the products and reengineered skin is kept at its new level.


Lady showing her skin before and after with Microdermabrasion

This is just one 30 minute taster session.  Look at the difference!