7 Weeks New Face?

Ok so Treatment 2 has been taken!  You need to have at least 3 in the first week to really start the skin tightening process.  My first treatment included Microdermabrasion, Thermotherapy, Microcurrent, Ultrasound and Cryotherapy.  It all sounds like terms you would find in a laboratory!  But with friendly, knowledgeable therapists I felt so relaxed!  After session 1 my skin felt so clean and a little tingley.  Unlike Botox the line reduction wasn’t going to be instant and weirdly I could feel it working more after the treatment!  The other amazing thing was my lips, they really felt plump and filled.  So no fillers required this year!  So to treatment 2!  There was no Microdermabrasion this time as you can only have this every 5 to 7 days but we finished of with LED Light Therapy.  More about this next time but my eyes have already started to feel and look less lined and feel so open! But lifted my face is!  I can’t really believe it after just 2 sessions and my skincare is being absorbed so well and my make up looks Wow, almost flawless.  Update on Saturday after my third treatment and I may be brave enough to share photos but keep checking as we will share before and after on Week 7!