Six Before Marriage Week 3

20 Aug 2015
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Almost the blushing bride… not long to go! I’ve just had my second facial and practice make up for the big day… which is now just around the corner, with 3 weeks to go!! So the plan of attack was to deeply moisturise my face, the facial was so relaxing, and I know I will be keeping my little beauty rituals up after the wedding, we just don’t treat ourselves enough anymore! There are so many different types of facials, to suit whatever skin you may have. The one Ellie at Toucan Beauty in Chichester used is based around ultrasound. The process heated up my skin and opened up all.

Six Before Marriage

07 Aug 2015
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Week 5… not long to go! A week on since my Dermaco Facial and my skin has been the best it has EVER been! I always cleanse my skin, but it feels really clean, and pure. I know by keeping this up, my skin will be radiant on the day. I have tried so hard on the ‘little to no alcohol’ front but to be honest, I have failed somewhat, and there is no way I am not drinking next week at my hen do! I think the girls have some crazy shenanigans planned! (god help me) Mind you, I have upped the ‘get fit’ regime, and trying to walk.