A Million Dollar Tan… For As Little As £23!

25 Jun 2015
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Talking about the weather is certainly a British tradition, but people who live in countries that have ‘stable’ weather or all year round sunshine just wouldn’t understand. As I am sat writing this blog, it is mid June, and around 18 degrees outside. This is not the type of weather to be sat outside getting a suntan. No wonder 58% of Brits decide to head to sunnier destinations in the summer months. The problem I find is, because of our unpredictable weather, we find it hard to get a ‘little glow’ before we head off on our holidays, so we don’t reflect the sunlight and give everyone a fright by.

Give Yourself The Gift of Glowing Skin This Summer!

19 Jun 2015
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I do find it fascinating how our eating habits really do change from winter to summer, and I don’t know about you, but I always feel I gain weight through the winter, eating those comfort foods! I have recently read it’s all about the hormones, those little things do have a lot to answer for! In an article in the Daily Mail, this is what Dr Perry Barnett has to say on the matter: ‘In spring and summer, levels of melatonin decline, but in autumn and winter levels of melatonin increase,’ says Dr Perry Barrett at Aberdeen University, whose research specialises in seasonal weight gain in mammals. ‘This hormone acts.

From shabby to sharp… how to join the ‘dapper man’ revolution

09 Jun 2015
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With June being focussed around Father’s day, a day to celebrate dads, and father figures in our lives, and with National Grooming Day on the 10th June we wanted to give you a few hints and tips on how to organise your man cave and be a dapper gentleman for 2015. 1. The best shave ever There is certainly no instruction booklet on shaving, and with the multitude of products out there to give you a better shave, like the 7-blade, vibrating all singing all dancing Gillette Mach 10 that will get the girls flocking to you, it can get so confusing! Try out the different oils, gels and shaving.

A Tailor Made Facial To Give You Clearer Skin

06 Jun 2015
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One of the most exciting things about the beauty industry is the constant development of treatments and services I can offer my clients, we all want the latest treatment that will make our lives easier, make us look and feel on top of the world, whilst not costing a fortune and, a time efficient service as we have to get back to feed the dog and pick up the kids. We all run at 100 miles an hour! I am however a big believer in making sure we fit in a little ‘me time’ into our week, it’s all about the balance. So when I came across this new treatment.