Your Perfect Day With Perfect Skin.

28 May 2015
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The one-day in your life you want everything to be to perfection is on your wedding day. The investment you put into the big day can be huge, emotionally and financially. The beautiful wedding dress, the perfect venue, the best photographer in the area, you just want everything to pull together, hassle free! Then, the day before you get hitched… you feel Mount Vesuvius starting to erupt on your chin, and there is nothing you can do about it, lets just hope that the photographer is a genius at airbrushing photographs! There is always a solution to the problem, and this is by planning a 6 week beauty regime on.

All That Facial Jargon… Explained!

21 May 2015
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I always try and look at the services I offer through ‘client eyes’ and when you chat to people and say the words pedicure or massage, this conjures up general loveliness (in most people) a wonderful relaxing full body massage to get rid of all the stresses of life, or a full pedicure in preparation for the exciting trip to the Bahamas you have coming up! (if only…) So when fresh new and exciting services are launched in the beauty industry, ones that will hopefully keep our youth for a little bit longer, they do seem to name them in the most weird and terrifying way! So, this week I.

Male Waxing and the Benefits

16 May 2015
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As most women know, waxing, although not one of the most pleasant experiences, can be one of the most useful and efficient. It’s easy for us to pop online and find any number of salons that provide a whole range of options for us to choose from. But what about the men? The term ‘waxing’ is generally associated with women, and for good reason, as waxing is a predominately female thing, but that doesn’t mean it’s ours all together. Everyone is familiar with the term ‘back, sack and crack’, a term used for the main choices of male waxing, which consists of the removal of hair from the back, and.

Get Healthy Skin This Summer!

03 May 2015
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When buying makeup or skin care products, most of us don’t tend to look at the ingredients of the product before we put it in our basket. Our skin can absorb 60% of what we put on our body, so if we all care so much about what we put in our body then why aren’t we all that concerned with what we put on it? Some chemicals in certain skin care products have been linked to hormone imbalances, skin allergies and even cancer. So it’s about time we started to really look at what we’re putting on our skin. When we hear the word ‘organic’ we believe it to.